Please apply only by using our online-jobportal and make sure to insert all relevant information into our application form.

Application Documents

To attach detailed application documents in pdf-format, please use the corresponding upload-function.

If you have not transmitted the necessary information or documentation, you will be requested to show the relevant documents at the job interview. It is mandatory to bring your detailed and complete curriculum vitae to the interview.
All information given in the curriculum vitae need to be proven by the corresponding references or other documents. You are allowed to bring copies, but need to ensure that all copies are congruent with the originals. All criteria and details shown in your curriculum vitae need to be true and correct.

Applicant Data

The personal data of the applicants will only be transmitted to persons who are directly involved in the employee selection process. They will not be transferred to third parties.

Rules for employee selection process

During the employee selection process we are authorized to create written or audio-visual records of the applicant. These will only be used to judge the qualification or requirements.