Environmental, Safety, Health & Quality Policy of Orion Engineered Carbons S.A.

Our Values

EHSQ management at our company is overseen at the Group level; is integrated throughout all functions and departments; encompasses quality management, environmental protection, well-being at work, safety management, and property protection; and is fundamental to our business and operations.

Our Objective

We aim at solutions that are more advanced than the minimum required by the legislation and standards. Our activities follow the principles of sustainable improvement and are based on the social responsibility assumed by our company, as well as the strategic goals of our business. At the same time, we secure our business, create added value, and enhance its critical success factors: the development, manufacture and marketing of Carbon Black. We especially strive to ensure the continuity of our manufacturing operations by promoting the EHSQ functions. By minimizing risks and interference, we can ensure cost-efficient production.

Sparing no Effort

We set challenging and verifiable goals. Achieving them requires the combined efforts of the Management Board, executive staff and employees.

We encourage, value and respect contributions from each individual, and promote safe and responsible operations. We evaluate our executive staff based on their exemplary conduct and success in implementing our values and objectives. Line responsibility always includes responsibility for the environment, safety and health, and quality.

We extend these efforts to our suppliers and service providers, and we expect that they likewise meet consistently high standards of quality, safety and respect for the environment.

Courage to Innovate

We seek close contact with our customers to understand their needs and make them part of our planning and development. We view innovation as an opportunity not only to benefit our customers but also to improve sustainability.

We systematically accept, evaluate and implement the ideas of our employees. We keep them informed and systematically advance their knowledge and awareness of the consequences of their activities.

Acting Responsibly

We consider it our duty to protect people and the environment everywhere we operate.

We select our resources consciously and use them efficiently. We consider suppliers’ environmental and safety performance before awarding contracts.

We continually improve our process energy utilization.

We remain continually vigilant of risks and implement and monitor the success of mitigation efforts to avoid endangering our customers, suppliers, employees and the public.

We inform our customers on the proper use of our products and their potential impact on people and the environment.

We strive to be good neighbours, disclose information openly and honestly, and welcome dialogue. We constructively cooperate with governmental authorities.

We want our performance and our actions to earn us respect and esteem everywhere we do business.