Rubber carbon blacks applications

Rubber Carbon Blacks in Tires

We help tire manufacturers to improve fuel economy, wet grip and noise reduction, extend tire life and meet emerging requirements, including new rolling resistance standards and tire labelling requirements.

Rubber Carbon Blacks are important reinforcing fillers for tire compounds and influence a variety of characteristics including:

  • wear properties (e.g., hardness, abrasion resistance and heat buildup)
  • process handling (e.g., dispersion, mixing temperature, viscosity)
  • mold processing (e.g., die swell and compression set).

Automotive and truck tires are by far the largest application of Carbon Black but it improves also the performance of other tiressuch as:

  • heavy-duty truck
  • solid industrial tires
  • high-performance automobiles
  • motorcycles
  • bikes
  • farm and garden equipment

Rubber Carbon Blacks for Mechanical Rubber Goods (MRG)

Orion Engineered Carbons offers a variety of high-tech Rubber Carbon Black grades to meet the demands of mechanical rubber goods. The product portfolio covers a wide range of particle size and structure and includes grades of particularly high purity. Typical applications include:

  • tubes and hoses
  • (conveyor) belts
  • extruded profiles
  • molded products
  • seals
  • gaskets
  • anti-vibration engine mounts
  • wiper blades
  • rubber flooring
  • footwear

Rubber Carbon Blacks influence product properties of finished goods like thermal conductivity, UV protection, tear and abrasion resistance, modulus and tensile strength. They also influence processing characteristics such as dispersion, viscosity and extrusion quality. By providing tailor made products for different requirements we help our customers to optimize their production process and end products.