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Within this chapter we will tell you what Orion Engineered Carbon is doing to foster a sustainable future. You will be introduced to the actions we are taking to contribute to a sustainable future, including the sustainability advantages offered through our products.

Saving Fuel - Surface modified Carbon Blacks for tires to reduce rolling resistance

Lowering of the rubber hysteresis is an effective approach to prevent high rolling resistance of tires, which helps to reduce CO2 footprint. This is not only important for conventional combustion engine vehicles but also for electrical vehicles.

Orion Engineered Carbons is one of the leading manufacturers of surface modified Carbon Black. These materials newly developed for the use in tires enable significant reduction of the rolling resistance and thus fuel consumption of cars, busses and trucks by enhanced polymer-filler interaction without compromising the resistance of the compound against abrasion affecting the tire life. Today’s “green tires” offer low rolling resistance, but it may come with a shorter replacement cycle. In contrast, our surface modified Carbon Black would enable tires to reduce CO2 footprint without comprising tire life.

Fact Box

  • Tremendous performance benefits vs. other filler materials on the market
  • Significant reduction of rolling resistance of tires with a potential to save up to 4 g/100km CO2 in a passenger car
  • Without compromising mileage or lifetime of tires

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